Radio Flyers exclusively use LD Systems Maui 28’s for their live stage shows.

 Not only do they reach everywhere in the room but serve as perfect monitors for the band.  We do not use any monitoring system to hear what we are delivering to you, the audience.  You hear what we hear and its corrected, if needed, at the source/stage.  Our set up time is minimal and no more carrying giant, heavy speaker cabinets into your venue.  Compact, light and efficient.  Never too loud, same sound everywhere!  No need to pay a sound person at most shows.   
We do, however, utilize a pair of Mackie DLM12’s and Mackie HD1531 powered cabinets and ElectoVoice ELX118P subs for outdoor venues and simply use our Maui 28 system for stage sound.

Equipment We Use

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